My teaching at the University is quite varied. Besides general language courses from the beginner to the advanced level, I teach Business German as well as literature and culture seminars. Seminar topics include “Visual History,” “The Wall – a Concrete History,” and “Representations of Death in German art, literature, and music.” The language of instruction in all those classes is German.
In addition, I have taught freshman seminars, an online course, and study abroad courses in English. They all focus on Holocaust memorial studies. The topic is also part of the language, culture, and literature classes.
While some instructors question the necessity of teaching Holocaust-related subjects, especially in German language classes, I believe it has relevance. Here are some links to materials in connection with an ACTFL presentation I gave in San Antotio in 2014.

Recently, I also started to incorporate East German Mail art into my language classroom teaching. Why I do it, and why other should as well is explained in my ACTFL 2015 presentation.

For a list of courses I have taught in the past, see my CV.
A list of current courses can be found here.

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